Mike and Barry are lifelong friends and roommates who have drifted apart, collateral damage from Mike’s misguided pursuit of a corporate career. One summer morning, Mike, an avid cyclist, becomes the victim of bike crime when his “Bullet” is stolen. Barry convinces Mike to borrow the bicycle of their lovely lady neighbour to get him to work on time. Unfortunately, this bike gets stolen too. Not to worry- Barry concocts a hairbrained plan in which the two friends and an unusual team of heisters will steal all of the bicycles locked up outside their apartment building in order to cover for the missing one. However, nothing goes according to plan and Mike and Barry must deal with the utter chaos that ensues. This bromantic comedy-caper takes audiences on a wild ride, illustrating the importance of friendship, cycling, and choosing your own adventures.

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THE BIKE HEIST gratefully acknowledges support from our friends at:


“Barry” Brett Cleveland

Brett Cleveland is a 24 year old actor and comedian, living in Edmonton, AB. Brett grew up in Medicine Hat, AB, and since childhood, has been entertaining audiences in whatever room he finds himself in. In 2009, he starred in “The Prison Break”, a short film written and directed by Curtis Cleveland. Having been an integral part of The Bike Heist’s evolution, it is fitting that the movie also represents his feature film debut.

“Mike” Steven Charlton

Steven hails from a small town on the edge of B.C called Golden. His passion for acting started when he was a kid, making his first stage appearance at the age of 5. He has been acting ever since, on and off the stage. A new interest came into view when Steve’s best friend bought a camera and kept pointing it at him. The duo started making short films and with a little focus and direction, they began to enter these into festivals. Once high school had finished with Steve, he followed his lifelong flair for the dramatic, left his little town and headed for the Great Plains of Alberta. Steve studied for two years at Red Deer College in their Theatre Studies program before completing his final year in their Motion Picture Arts program. Currently, Steve resides in Vancouver, BC. where he has performed in two plays in the past year. He is now being represented by TalentCo Management Ltd.

“Leah” Ashlee Leible

Ashlee Lieble is a 25 year old actress living in Edmonton, AB. She recently graduated from the Red Deer College Motion Picture Arts-Acting Program. Before that, she took home honors as Actress of the Year at St. Mary’s Drama school during her high school career, then continued her training in the BFA programs at both York University in Toronto, and at the University of Windsor. Ashlee’s stage roles include Ophelia in Hamlet, Jill in Tough, the Bad Angel in Doctor Faustus, Joan of Arc in Saint Joan, and Alice in Alice in Wonderland. She stars in the feature films The Pharmacist, Whatever It Was, and Free Mason; and in the short films Extension, Insomniac’s Handbook, Discipline, Scarlet Kiss, Broken, and Cucumber.

The Boss
Jeff Woodward

The New Guy
Luke Callahan

Office Guy 1
Krishna Tailor

Office Guy 2
Monty Drozda

Office Guy 3
Andrew Scholotiuk

Office Gals
Kristie Pearce
Christa Baxter

Det. Whyte
Darren Arsenault

Det. Rick
Drew Bakgaard

Officer Daniels
Diane Wallace

Officer Larry
Larry Kelly

Izak Cent
David Wolkowski

Jason Schweizer

Bike Gal
Rivera Reese

Bike Guy
Andrew James Boyd

Bike Gang
Edmonton Bike Polo Team

Chase D. Dubauskas

Reita Grylls

Ravi Chokka

Jacob Bailey

Kelsey Johnson

Dylan Pearce

The Driver
Keegan Goerz

Mr. Parsons
Jeff Page

Mr. Parson's Cat

Random Neighbours
Tim Edwards
Guy Ambrosio
Saied Marcondes

Theatre Vendor
Luke Clifton-Friend

Guy on Date
Justin Brunelle

Gal on Date
Lauren Taylor Boyd

Leah's Friend
Carlee Ryski

Saied Marcondes

Jessie the Server
Christina Ienna

Janine Merkl

The Bike Heist Band
Christian Hansen and the Autistics

Slow Dance Couple
Eric Ng
Chelsie Readner

Young Barry
Kyle Sharp

Even Younger Barry
Jackson Sharp

Lovely Laundry Lady
Janine Merkl

Cafe Server
Alie Edwards

Convenience Store Clerk
Kara Kucy

Convenience Store Customers
Suzanne Thompson
Gord Thompson
Julie Rice
Max Rice

Mike and Leah's Children
Brody Griffin
Dekker Griffi
Felix Griffin

Mike Chase Stunt Double
Chris Badry

Stunt Driver
Greg Auch

Stolen Bike Dude
Mica Henry

Cafe Patrons
Dave Bloom
Shaun Nystrom
Maura Muclair-Armstrong
Raysa Marcondes
Dylan Pearce
Caitlin Callaghan
Brianna Baxter


Original Concept
Luke Callahan

Brittany Baxter
Keegan Callahan
Curtis Cleveland
Jason Schweizer

Executive Producers
Brittany Baxter
Keegan Callahan
Curtis Cleveland
Dylan Pearce
Andrew Scholotiuk

Associate Producers
Sally Colquhoun
Dan Newton
Marcie Esau
Carmen Esau

Dylan Pearce

Curtis Cleveland

Andrew Scholotiuk

First A.C/Focus Puller
Christina Ienna

Steadicam Operator
Brett Manyluk

Steadicam Assistant
Jamie Anderson-Reid

Camera B
Saied Marcondes
Christina Ienna

Stunt Camera
Keegan Callahan

Head Grip/Gaff/Set MacGyver
Saied Marcondes

Jib Operator/Set MacGyver
Larry Kelly

Best Boys
Ammon Olsen
Ryan Murphy
Andrew Cox

Swing Grip
Ben Buchholtz

Denver Mason
Dustin Chouinard
Jarvis Greiner

1 A.D
Lauren Boyd

Script Supervisor
Emilie Asselin

Environmental Monitor/Production Assistant
Christa Baxter

Production Designer
Keegan Callahan

Art Director
Janine Merkl

Wardrobe/Props Provided by
Earths Revolution
American Apparel
Dub Architectural Firm
Alley Kat Breweries
Greenpeace Alberta
The Wombats, Millwoods Chapter
Devine/Decadence Clothing
Southtown Chrysler
Staples, Calgary Trail
United Cycle
Ed MacEwan
Shaun Nystrom
Caitlin Callaghan
Eric Ng
The Readners
Chase D. Dubauskas
Aerlan Barrett
Mitch Baxter
Cathie Colquhoun
Andrea Merkl
Katherine Sulyma

Police Props and Costumes
Greg Auch
Movie Prop Services

Set Dressers
Brittany Baxter
Christa Baxter
Karlie Christie
Alie Edwards

Keegan Callahan
Saied Marcondes
Tim Edwards
Guy Ambrosio
Jason Schweizer
Leanna Karpoff
Eli Brown-Lee

Hair/Make-Up Designer
Chelise Readner

Hair/Make-Up Assistant
Jessica Dubauskas

Cat Wrangler
Raysa Marcondes

Audio Mixing/Boom Operators
Mica Henry
Scott Franchuk
Jason Schweizer
Katrina Campos

On-Set Editor
Aerlan Barrett

Still Photographer
Kristie Pearce

Dylan Pearce
Ashlee Leible

Additional Casting Support
Katrina Beatty

Catering Manager
Nathan Usher

Craft Services
Boston Pizza, Whyte Ave
Wild Earth Grocery
Culina Catering
High Level Diner
Spring Creek Ranch/Sparrows Nest Organics
Bee Bell Bakery
Carol Sulyma
Paula Globerman
Ashlee Leible

EBCS Bikeworks
Alexa Pendzich
Alex Hindle
New York Bagel
Grace Kalinowski
Boston Pizza, Whyte Ave
Terry Brodeur
The Roxy Theatre
Swimwear Etc.
Blain Gowing
Espania Manor
Berkley Manor
Krysta Henrickson
Geraldine Carr
Ortona Tenants Society
Dave Morgan
City Centre Mall Security Station
Pam Brown
Linda and Rob
Alie and Tim Edwards
Carol Sulyma

Additional Cameras/Lenses
Ryan Kelly
Joesphine Anderson
Craig Janzen
Dave Bloom
Julie Rice
Kristie Pearce

Ken Nemetchek
Wes Miron
WCI Whyte Communications
Cine Audio VIsiual

Grip Equipment
MacEwan University Design Studies Program
Bob Lysay
Dianne and Wayne Karpoff
Larry Kelly
Scafom Canada Scaffolding and Framework
Josh Alkoff
Trounce Alley Lighting Co.

Legal Services and Consultation
Ryan Schindel
Lori Massini

PR Consultation
Breanna Minty

Featurette Producer
Matt Gardiner

Additional Featurette Footage
Christina Ienna
Saied Marcondes

Web/Graphic Design
Keegan Callahan
Brittany Baxter
Ryan Dorward

Site Photography
Dustin Koop
Kristie Pearce
Janine Merkl
Christina Ienna

Thank You
Carol Sulyma
Brianna Baxter
Geoff Wright
Leag Callahan
Molly and Steve Callahan
Dustin Koop
John Antoski
Alex Muir
Bob Lysay
Eric De Giuli
Steve Kerkhoff
Andrea Merkl
Joesphine Anderson

As you may have guessed from reading the rest of the site and watching our videos, The Bike Heist is a comedy-caper about two besties who rekindle their bromance over an evening of bike heistery. We completed production in August and are currently in post-production with our release date set for summer 2011.

Whether you know it or not, you have come to this page because you are curious about what we mean when we say "Join the movement!". Well, as a movers and shakers of the interwebs and real life, we implore you to do what you see fit with this information. We are looking to build an audience online before we complete the project so we can gather feedback and input on where and how we should screen the film. We are really passionate about the positive messages contained within the film and are hoping that all of you out there who feel the same will help us reach as many ears and eyes as possible.

If you like bikes, trees, comedy gold, bromances, slapstick, post-post-modernism, nostalgic references regarding the 90's, heists, superheroes, waxing poetic, psychedelia, and/or summertime, then follow these steps and do your part to spread The Bike Heist magic all around the globe.

Step One: Make like a sponge and absorb all of the details on our website (If you are already here, then great- that's one to check off the old to-do list, not bad)

Step Two: Get your 90's nostalgia & pop culture musings fresh from the microwave at POGBLOG (ebay account coming soon- Bike Heist merch is on its way!)

Step Three: Love us on Facebook (it's, um, kind of like, what all the cool kids are doing?)

Step Four: Follow us on Twitter (@strombo will most likely be following us one day- beat him to it!)

Step Five: With the release of each new promo we'll be sending out fresh imagery to display on blogs, facebook/twitter/linked in/ping/myspace (who myspaces anymore?), bike shops, universities, subway stations, "Post No Bills" construction pathway areas, Bike lock-ups, your refrigerator, etc. The more you post, the more will see. If you build it, they will come.

Step Six: Clear your June 24th, as you are not going to want to miss the Bike Heist revelry that is set to occur on this night. Stay tuned to find out more details about our bike-in movie events as they emerge from their cocoons.

Step Seven: Help us bring The Bike Heist to your city/town/hamlet! June is Bike Month, 2011 is The Year of The Bike Heist, and we want to merge these two glorious things! Our dream is an ambitious one, yes, but possible. In fact, due to support from wonderful individuals (such as yourselves), it is taking shape even as we speak! This June 24th, thousands of people will bike en masse to multiple (world-wide?), simultaneous Bike-In screenings of The Bike Heist! If you want to help organize an event in your city, let us know! Contact us via facebook, twitter or old fashioned email: info [@] thebikeheist.ca

If you have made it through all of these steps, then you are a true-blue Bike Heistian. Congratulations and may the bikes be with you!


We love our MAMA EARTH! And to show her how much we care, we have committed ourselves to being environmentally conscious filmmakers. During production we did our best to walk the talk- our ecoMonitor was on set every day keeping a tally of our stellar green practices and reminding us to be gentle (even in the most tense of moments). She is, as we speak, compiling her environmental impact report, where she will discuss our strengths and weaknesses in the eco department. This report will help us to determine how big our film's carbon footprint was (and how much we should be offsetting) as well as let to us know the areas where we can do better in future productions.

We will be promoting the movie as part of the Canadian Green Code Media Project, having adhered to their Environmental Standards for Filmmaking. We also used the Greening the Screen toolkit to educate all of our cast/crew about environmental issues and areas in which they could reduce their footprint within their departments. Now that we are in post=production, we haven't given up on the mission- The Bike Heist team strives to keep our production digital and as low impact as possible at all times. We will be pursuing certification from Greencode, as well as recognition from the Environmental Media Association’s Green Seal Program. Hopefully, we will find ourselves in some green film festivals in the near future as well!

Check out our environmental manual for more information. Environmental Impact report and video coming soon!

Treefort Lab. Environmental Manual

Encore July 09 A great article about the importance of green filmmaking.